Monday, August 10, 2009

a 'timely' meeting!

i'm strolling down the canopied road. the trees provide a welcome break from the heat which continually slapped my closely shaven head. i watch my feet as i walk, a pastime which i engage in when boredom just won't leave me alone. its a bad habit i picked up from american students on campus, shuffling around with their heads between my knees so that they don't make eye contact. (hehehehe - hilarious).

anyway, for a second i escape from my self indulging habit and raise my head to ensure that no surprise awaits me during the next 30 of so steps. as i raised my head i noticed a 'sister' at the end of the canopied tunnel . she looked very chic as she walked towards me. hair all shiny (fresh perm) bright white laces on her yellow sneakers (brand new), big loopy earrings (way-too-much) and an ego i could feel enveloping me from 20 meters away.

boredom decided to 'bounce', i levelled my chin and pulled my 'oh-yeah-you-want-me' swagger from my swagger safe. i was determined to engage this young lady in conversation.

i approached her, she approached me; nose in the air (snob!). just as she passed i enquired , 'excuse me, could you tell me what time it is please?' she eyed me from head to toe and with an indignant toss of her hair she glanced at he shiny time piece and answered, .....3:75.

i said..... or rather exclaimed, thank you and smiled broadly. i looked at my feet and giggling to my self proceeded to exit the canopy. to experience the 3 hour, 75 minute old afternoon.


  1. Lol, 3:75! Was her time piece broken or was she being sarcastic or was she just dumb?:-)

  2. dumb is such a strong word; she just did not know how to use her shiny time piece.

  3. This one dei. in fact she shy herself for nothing.. oh debi debi

  4. oh Abena, not for nothing! .....i had a good laugh 'bout it. thats something right?

  5. She should have just pretended she hadn't heard u ... 'wontumi nspelly ah mentworo!!'

  6. Lol, if you can't spell, don't write. Words of wisdom.