Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night

Friday Night has come around
He beeps his horn twice to get my attention
I give my old friend a look of disinterest
He smiles at me, a smile I know oh to well
Oh, the trouble we get into, tonight might be jail
All the same I grab my jacket and hop in the car
the night has started, he lights his cigar.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ghana Moments: Fear of the Big Man

This transpired when a parking attendant at the airport noticed i was in possession of a parking ticket as well as a long term parking pass and asked me to hand over the ticket without giving me reason, i refused:

a favour asked, i was happy to oblige
to the airport i went to go to heat a ride
i merrily approached the mean silver machine
whose shine dirt had dulled and it no longer gleamed
my thoughts were cut short by an approaching attendant
he opened his mouth and of teeth he had remnants

beside the car he stood and peered inside
i held the parking pass aloft smiling with pride
he said 'aha a ticket have you'
(he actually didn't say that but the import is true)
i replied in the affirmative with a puzzled look
he said give it to me like an anxious crook

i shook my head, why should i yield
i held the ticket close, its fate i sealed
release this card i do not dare
it was not mine to give to me that was clear
hand it over or your car i shall clamp
a threat! i relaxed and smiled, i had won, I'm the champ

this car right here which your so eager to arrest
it belongs to a BIG man, i do not jest
if you like, if you dare , your welcome to try
clamp this car, i bid you good-bye
his mouth closed then opened and he sheepishly said
do what you want, an retired to his shed

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Close My Eyes

a world unforgiving, malicious at heart
people once moulded together, now broken apart
days never ending and always beginning
men of the cloth preaching against sinning
children of the dawn lost in the morn
the human race all forlorn
ball of confusion no longer fiction
'approach armageddon!', repetitive diction
spun and interwoven are greed and sloth
abundant resources exist now in plots
blotches of brown cover the fields
we no longer exclaim 'abundant yield!'
silence creeps up to take its place
a world full of pride, now fully disgraced

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friend or Foe

smiles all around
pats on his back do abound
frank talks from hearts do flow
but can he trust them
friend or foe?

Friday, July 24, 2009

His Lover

he looked at her beautiful face
he greeted her with a warm embrace
he had missed his lover so
his little angel with the vibrant glow
she had so much to show him
he wanted so much to know

he lay on the sofa and kicked off his shoes
she just sat and stared, she didn't move
he adored her so much, she was such a tease
but he knew how to turn her on with the greatest of ease
he held his love tool and counted to three
then he turned on his TV, and smiled with glee.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Pet, Traffic

in the wee hours of the morning i creep past his cage
in the afternoon from my office window i catch his fleeting gaze
in the evening after work he waits patiently at my door
now i have to walk him home, a job i abhor!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing More, Nothing Less

he knew her from way back when
a time when man and woman were friends
holding hands, intentions the best,
loving the moment
nothing more , nothing less

he had memories of her from not long ago
a time when man and woman rocked too and fro
savouring each others kiss, and their sweet caress
experiencing the moment
nothing more , nothing less

it just so happened that he met her today
in a time where men and women revelled in foul play
casting aside all acts of caution; stroking chests, burying flesh
living the moment
nothing more, nothing less

it is very possible he'll find her next year
in a time when men and women their lives must engineer
place their feet on the ground and give more than their best,
for that moment expects;
nothing more, nothing less

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Drive to Work

the twitter of the early bird echoes in the dark,
the sun still sleeps
as i sit in the car, the engine roars;
broken silence.
the evening of the night meets the morning of the day as i bounce over the bumpy road
the rough even surface of the coal tar surface continually rumbles under the touch of my tyres
i think of the family i miss, i sing of love,i dream of hope, as i wait the coming of the green lantern
my hands work the wheel
left , right, hold, left, right, hold
i see the office,
i park the car,
i feel the sun,
my day has begun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lost in Literal Translation

This weekend I went up to Akosombo for a mini-reunion of sorts with some class mates of mine. We went walk about after eating a heavy communal kenkey breakfast during which quips and zingers came whizzing out of kenkey free, and sometimes full mouths piercing the egos of the participants of the breakfast meeting.

While trudging in the middle of the road in the quiet town the Dobson Club House came into view on the horizon. We had a laugh reminiscing about the days when we dared not enter the building and decided to assert our 10 year old freedom. 'Glamorously' adorned in shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t'-shirts and 'challey wete' and looking every bit the part of rouge students we scoffed at the 'No Bathroom Slippers Allowed' sign posted firmly on the door.

Laughing heartily we entered the once forbidden den where our teachers used to engage in the vices they could not show to the 'young and innocent'. A harsh 'Hey!' caused a hushed silence, the voice proceeded, 'Why did you open the door down?' in bewilderment we stared at the elderly man standing in the open doorway, and then it dawned on us, 'Aden na w'ebue epo no ato ho?' , literally translated, 'Why did you open the door down?'

Smiling to ourselves while fighting down the fits of laughter welling up inside us nobody owned up to leaving the door 'down'.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Political Prisoner

I'm a political prisoner I'm locked in a cell
I can't see the bars but i feel them

I'm a political prisoner my life is hell
I'm not to speak to other inmates about the jail

I'm a political prisoner, I gave a speech
A speech that placed me out of reach

I'm a political prisoner , I said 'I do'
Now i must go, my wife has cooked stew.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me and my BIG mouth!

its getting late, i mean really late!
i should have been home by now. damn my date!
all i wanted was but one little kiss,
it was in her possession, property that she would not miss.

she ran and i followed , she paused an i swallowed
this was it i said, this must be it
like a movie fast-forwarded to the juicy bit
i leant in with expectation
pouted lips were ready, why the hesitation?

i heard her laugh and opened my eyes
why are you laughing? i said with surprise
she paused and smiled, her eyes dancing with delight
she said, I want more than just a little kiss tonight.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mind Your Own Business

What I do is of no concern to you
Leave me alone go pick someone else's bone
Bother me not , look not in my pot
Have you quite finished?
Now mind your own business

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cape Coast Castle: Echoes of the Past

Smiling he went in knowing not what to expect
He had heard stories and had felt some regret

He walked the courtyard and saw the cells
The suffocating enclosures where women dwelled

He walked the halls and went down to the dungeon
The place where men were made less than men in seclusion

Out in the open he breathed for the first time
Happy to be out of the century old filth and grime

Dysphoric he came out knowing not what to expect
One thing he did know, he would never forget

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Show Must Go On

the lights are lit
the mood is set
the people await
with bated breath

the curtains are drawn
necks are strained
performance performed
they call my name

the lights are dimmed
the cheers have died
the people have left
i'm alone inside

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama-American Commando in Ghana

What do Commando and Obama's visit have in common?

The Event:The movie premier of Commando
The Year :1985
The Content: An action flick, where Arnold Schwarzenegger riddles the posh villa of an ousted dictator with bullets killing what appears to be over one hundred men and gets just a scratch......or two.

The Event:The official visit of the aMERICAN president , Hussein Obama
The Year : 2009
The Content: A reality show , where Hussein Obama riddles the minds of twenty million Ghanaians as to his intentions for the country and gives a promise......or two.

'Correlation?', you ask....

Both are utterly unbelievable plots put together to entertain the world!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are You Receiving Me?....Over!

Bursting Bladder
Public Pee Pot
Sweet Release
Place of peace

Hello?..... Kwame?


Good Morning To You!

the alarm goes off and he groans
he stumbles out of bed and trips and falls
the floor approaches with such speed hes in awe
he hits the floor and is bruised black and blue
he says to himself, 'good morning to you'

he steps into the shower and opens the faucet
he is hit with an icy blast that makes him yelp
he fiddles with the faucet for a little support
it replies with verve, a blast so true
scalded he says to himself, 'good morning to you'

he approaches his office with a scowl on his face
as he opens the door he drops his file
he bends to retrieve the tasks he has set
his head and the door bid each other adieu
he says to himself, 'good morning to you'

behind his desk he laments to himself
and in the distance he hears a shout
joy and enthusiasm abundant in voice
he counted to ten and as if he knew
on the count of ten he heard, 'good morning to you!'

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its Raining!

Cats and Dogs!

Men and Women!

Fruits and Vegetables!

Calories and Cholesterol!

Marriage Proposals and Political Promises! .....oops, same difference.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Why do I grin?
Why do I giggle?

Because her bottom just gave me a wiggle!

Why do I smile?
Why do I chuckle?

How did I manage to pull a muscle!

Why am I dizzy?
Why do I sway?

What has come over me today?

I'll leave you to guess......It's plain to see! ;)

Its whom, not what has come over me.