Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Female Stalker

i'm watching him, does he know?
oh i want to squeeze his buns! My beau!
i think of him so much it should be a crime
i even slept under his window one time

i have to duck, wow, that was close
i was just able to hide, by the skin of my nose
i pick up my cell and then i call him
his gentle voice on the other end makes me grin

i follow him to work, my leader of the gentry
he looks so mature, my loving hearts' sentry
i imagine him and i having so much fun
oh, he must be late, hes started to run

i marvel, i gaze, i fantasize and i crave
pictures of passion, my knees start to cave
the warm summers day befitting ambiance does provide
one day you'll be groom and i'll be bride


  1. are you secretly a man? Its a 'through the looking glass' thing. Stalked must have been read to follow this.

  2. "Even if your hands are shaking
    And your faith is broken
    Even as the eyes are closing
    Do it with a heart wide open
    Say what you need to say "
    ~ John Mayer

    lol..home girl has problems .. she should make wild and say what is on her mind before its too late.. or else there might be a groom, but she will not be the bride.

  3. very true, maybe women in general should take a cue from this and start making first moves like the strong independent women they claim to be and stop stalking brothers!