Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cuties to Custody (Part 3): Custody

his shirt is taken , his belt is as well
and ever so politely ushered into his cell
he patiently waits while they place the call
he awaits his spouse, time slows to a crawl
she finally appears, in her robe and in tears
his heart stops pumping, shes calmed his fears
the officer recounts at length and with fervour
the driver stands by, an amused observer
a bag is opened, and a palm is greased
(two 'bribes' in one night , today i shall feast)....


  1. Poor woman, doesn't know she's married to a conniving b*$#@^d!
    Police man, well, he's looking out for himself.
    Conniving b*$#@^d, he's probably gonna get 'some' tonight!

  2. The human mind is so twisted.

  3. Lol, i see you have already formed your opinion on our friend... there is one more episode to go.