Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fear of Man

The joys of life include a girl
who comforts you when you drink and hurl
who cares for you and strokes your hair
who consents and offers here derriere
who cooks and cleans
who irons and steams
who ensures the tips of your shoes do gleam
who laughs at all your sordid jokes
who ignores those cheeky prods and pokes
who tolerates your nasty friends
but always to your needs does tend


The bane of life
includes a wife
who never lets you go the bar
who disallows you from going far
who never lets you 'cop a feel'
who beats you with her high shoes' heel
who lounges and splurges
who gives your blood pressure surges
who never laughs and never smiles
who has an expression like she just drank bile
who never wants to play the host
and turns your 'mojo' to a ghost


  1. Lol...okayyy
    the joy of life = wonder woman
    the bane of life = Cruela
    Ladies, i think a response is in order. Don't you? 'The Fear of a Woman'

  2. Watch it KFC, even poetic licence can go too far. Man, you are overflowing with rhyming talent.

    That said, I think that, in respect of verse 2, you originally intended for "Includes a wife to be line 2 on its own (for the rhyme). Hence:

    The bane of life
    Includes a wife...

    That way, you get an even number of lines to perfect your couplets. Brilliance all through!

  3. Point well taken Nana. May you never have to experience the above mentioned 'bane of life'.

  4. Shels, you are more than welcome to respond and i would be more than happy to place that response below my response to your response. ;)

  5. are you married?

  6. no i'm not. but you don't have to be a chef to be able to cook good food