Wednesday, August 5, 2009


someone is watching, i know they are
someone is following, i should feel like a star
but i don't, in fact i'm very disturbed
the fact that i'm an object has left me perturbed

i peer out of the window at the pitch black night
the phone rings behind me, i jump up with fright
the voice on the other end is silent, non-existent
the beat of my heart is now more persistent

i walk to work looking over my shoulder
all this worry is making me look older
i am being observed, by whom i know not
my pacey walk turns into a trot

i ponder, i pace, i fear and i dread
unkind images of my fate dance in my head
the warm summer day seems such a dispiriting place
some sick individual is invading my space


  1. You must be doing something enviable! Lol
    I hope it is a benign stalker though!

  2. I hope so too but you can never tell watch this space closely and the rest of the story in due time i shall unveil.

  3. Already told ya. You're a poetry gem!

  4. Thank you NY, I remain humbled. I enjoy myself immensely on your blog and try to give my followers the same.