Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ghana Moments: Spoken Word

i love my country. i love it for its promise, i love it for its flaws, i love the fact that we have a history and a future that are the envy of the whole of Africa (this Africa does include south Africa. hehehe). the one thing however i love most about Ghana is its people. kind and hospitable. those are the words which are often used to describe my fellow country men. but what are words that my fellow country use to describe? the Ghanaian English language is a joy to behold and even though some of the statements that are made by Ghanaians are atrocious they bring a smile to my lips and to my heart. below are a few of my favourite expressions, phrases and sayings.

The last end (situational description)
The last corner (situational description)
The last show (the last major event/scene in a movie)
you can't me ( you're no match for me)
no any body (nobody)
its not the best (inappropriate)
blowman (hero)
since since (a long time ago)
tomorrow next (day after tomorrow)
yesterday's back (day before yesterday)
wrong mistake (double jeopardy)
return back (double jeopardy)
repeat again (double jeopardy)
i trust my leg (no known English equivalent - help me out)
tankas (town council)

what are yours?


  1. 'I'd rather prefer'
    'What are you talking?'
    'It's nothing to write home about?'
    'Are you respect?'

    ok, wen i think of some more i'll 'come again'.

  2. lol, NY and Shels. What are you talking? Hehehe

  3. I'm going to come- I'll be right back
    I'm coming- Give me a few minutes
    Killer- Villain in a movie