Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Told You So

You say you want to

I say, don't try

You say you'll have to

I say, you'll cry

You say you need to

All I do is sigh

You say you love me

I say, bye bye!

What do you see?

Black and white, shades of grey
green, green grass, bales of hay

the sweet smell of rain, cometh the monsoon
a beautiful house, boy locked in his room

a nice shiny car, blood sweat and tears
a nice shiny car, shattered dreams full of fears

religion in issue, clashes and destruction
smiling politicians, broken promises and seduction

a child's imaginary friend, neglect and confusion
a fat man with cake, gastric bypass operation

a couple holding hands, beatings and bruises
an F for math, female student refuses
an African nation, a people in strife
an African president, a country for a wife