Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we've got BIGGER problems

Permit me one minute to leave the kitchen floor
Things are brewing, controversy galore!

In Ghana my motherland almost all is political
Of most of the issues, though silent, I still remain critical

Today for me is not such an occasion
Today I shall speak on religious political invasion

A man of God steps into the light
To engage himself in a political fight

A fight in which he has no business
Now has others queuing to bear witness

Their declaration of God's political intention
Has my brow furrowed in consternation

Friday, August 13, 2010

Me Against the World

Suggestive silence. The bane my of existence:
To look but never find. To call but never be answered.
To wonder with no destination. To ponder with no idea.

I cover my eyes from the blinding sun and I stare as far as my eyes can see:
A vast horizon. Possibilities of emptiness.
Promise of nothing. Adventure into a void.

To travel I muster courage and take that very first step:
Forward towards the past. Advancing to the back.
Pacing to regression. Heading for retreat.

I stop to think of my journey thus far, an endeavor without end:
Lost in discovery. Forgotten in remembrance.
Ignored in recognition. Grieving in happiness.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Average Ghanaian

Who, do you consider to be an average Ghanaian?

A man with a steady job earning between 1,000 and 1,500 Ghana Cedis a month?

A man with a car which he drives on the regular?

A man who shares a two bedroom flat with a friend so that he may defray cost and save more?

A man who eats out regularly at between 6-8 Ghana Cedis a plate?

A man who if he so chooses travels internationally once a year?


A man with a part-time job earning between 150-400 Ghana Cedis a month?

A man who takes the occasional taxi but moves primarily on tro-tros (commuters)?

A man who rents a small a single room which he shares with his wife and child?

A man who always eats at home or from the 'corner caterer' for less that 2 Ghana Cedis a day?

A man who has seen neither the inside of a plane nor the 'Welcome To...' arc of a neighbouring country?


A man who does odd jobs here and there for what ever is given to him?

A man who takes the occasional trotro but primarily walks to his destinations?

A man who has a kiosk or rents a mat when the sun turns in?

A man who survives on sporadic meals?

A man who thinks of travel only as a means to take him back to the bosom of his village?

....or is there yet another man who forms the benchmark of the average Ghanaian?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today was a Good Day

while the sun shines, do make hay

while you are young, be merry and gay

when you are thankful, rejoice and say

My goodness; today was a good day