Friday, July 17, 2009

Political Prisoner

I'm a political prisoner I'm locked in a cell
I can't see the bars but i feel them

I'm a political prisoner my life is hell
I'm not to speak to other inmates about the jail

I'm a political prisoner, I gave a speech
A speech that placed me out of reach

I'm a political prisoner , I said 'I do'
Now i must go, my wife has cooked stew.


  1. hehehehehe.....u eating stew in jail..must b minimum security....thats not soo u get conjugal visits.

  2. Its cool you got a lady to smoothen you up after the rough times

  3. Is that what marriage is, these days, KFC?

  4. Roach, I think you put yourself in jail. You could have been roaming the earth freely, no?;-)

  5. i'm interpreting this 'self-searching' piece in different ways!

    could you tell me what this is really about?

    the line that talks about you giving a speech and getting out of reach makes me think about Kwame Nkrumah! i think about others who give 'speeches' and set themselves "out of reach"!

    is it a bringing onto one own self? or is it on the other hand the refusal of the 'in-mates' to come along! (of course you are not allowed to speak to them, but they still get to learn your speech)

    i'm reminded too about the song "Jailer" by Asa.

    enjoy your stew though!

    this is a beautiful piece!

  6. thanks novisi.
    the piece for me can have more than one interpretation.
    it can either be seen as marriage, the speech being the acceptance of wedding vows. the inmates being friends of the couple. being placed out of reach is his solemn vow to stay faithful to his wife.


    a political prisoner under house arrest. the speech being his acceptance to suffer for his cause. other inmates would be followers of his cause who would be placed at different locations. being placed out of reach is him being away from his followers because of 'potentially dangerous' ideals and his wife is on one of her permitted visits.