Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me and my BIG mouth!

its getting late, i mean really late!
i should have been home by now. damn my date!
all i wanted was but one little kiss,
it was in her possession, property that she would not miss.

she ran and i followed , she paused an i swallowed
this was it i said, this must be it
like a movie fast-forwarded to the juicy bit
i leant in with expectation
pouted lips were ready, why the hesitation?

i heard her laugh and opened my eyes
why are you laughing? i said with surprise
she paused and smiled, her eyes dancing with delight
she said, I want more than just a little kiss tonight.


  1. Awww, you are coming into your flirtatious own. A master of the art. And you really really really write oh so beautifully.

    Your poem sounds not unlike the series i have been writing this week.

  2. yeah it is, the trials and tribulations of man. lol