Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Close My Eyes

a world unforgiving, malicious at heart
people once moulded together, now broken apart
days never ending and always beginning
men of the cloth preaching against sinning
children of the dawn lost in the morn
the human race all forlorn
ball of confusion no longer fiction
'approach armageddon!', repetitive diction
spun and interwoven are greed and sloth
abundant resources exist now in plots
blotches of brown cover the fields
we no longer exclaim 'abundant yield!'
silence creeps up to take its place
a world full of pride, now fully disgraced


  1. Apart from the manifold subtle themes, I really did not understand this one.

  2. i admit its a bit abstract but for me its a man/woman reflecting on the state of the world today and its continuous and rapid decline with no hope insight

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  4. A global view.
    A prophetic dirge.
    A pursuasive protest.
    My concern though is, are these revelations not simply torturing your soul since most people do not give a toss about the 'mess' that goes around them?

  5. Gorgeous poem. Too true...

  6. posekyere, it is true. thinking bout these things does torture the soul but i am comforted in the fact that at least i have spoken my mind.

  7. I now understand the picture of the nuclear wasteland you have created! :-)

  8. you couldn't have put it any better.. right on the money!

  9. great perspective...maybe if we all start looking at the world this way it would push to make it a better place...