Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing More, Nothing Less

he knew her from way back when
a time when man and woman were friends
holding hands, intentions the best,
loving the moment
nothing more , nothing less

he had memories of her from not long ago
a time when man and woman rocked too and fro
savouring each others kiss, and their sweet caress
experiencing the moment
nothing more , nothing less

it just so happened that he met her today
in a time where men and women revelled in foul play
casting aside all acts of caution; stroking chests, burying flesh
living the moment
nothing more, nothing less

it is very possible he'll find her next year
in a time when men and women their lives must engineer
place their feet on the ground and give more than their best,
for that moment expects;
nothing more, nothing less


  1. So if they meet next year they won't "stroke chests and bury flesh"? Just because they are engineering their lives? Oh, thats not nice...;-)

  2. At the risk of libelling you, I daresay you get these wild, great, genius ideas of yours while under the influence of ................. THE MUSES! Gotcha. Really original, man. But watch the typos, ok? They detract.

  3. you know, i just might be under 'the influence'. lol.

    advice well taken and appreciated. thanks nana yaw.

  4. kwegyirba, life cannot be about fun and games all the time, sometimes it has to be about life. engineering a life however does not bar somebody from having a little slap and tickle now and then.