Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ghana Moments: Fear of the Big Man

This transpired when a parking attendant at the airport noticed i was in possession of a parking ticket as well as a long term parking pass and asked me to hand over the ticket without giving me reason, i refused:

a favour asked, i was happy to oblige
to the airport i went to go to heat a ride
i merrily approached the mean silver machine
whose shine dirt had dulled and it no longer gleamed
my thoughts were cut short by an approaching attendant
he opened his mouth and of teeth he had remnants

beside the car he stood and peered inside
i held the parking pass aloft smiling with pride
he said 'aha a ticket have you'
(he actually didn't say that but the import is true)
i replied in the affirmative with a puzzled look
he said give it to me like an anxious crook

i shook my head, why should i yield
i held the ticket close, its fate i sealed
release this card i do not dare
it was not mine to give to me that was clear
hand it over or your car i shall clamp
a threat! i relaxed and smiled, i had won, I'm the champ

this car right here which your so eager to arrest
it belongs to a BIG man, i do not jest
if you like, if you dare , your welcome to try
clamp this car, i bid you good-bye
his mouth closed then opened and he sheepishly said
do what you want, an retired to his shed

1 comment:

  1. Typical security man. I could swear that they are all related. They try to show who's boss until they encounter a BIG man...then they start begging. Tseeew.