Monday, December 21, 2009


We live, we love, and as life goes on we lose the ones we love.
When they pass we are told that we should cherish and dwell on the good memories and times we had with them .... my question to you all is....

Why then do we take pictures at funerals?


  1. to remember how we chose to remember the dead on their ceremonial exit...hehe or perhaps just to see who showed up and who did what

  2. Either in remembrance of the event..or to rub salt in your wound(the evil relatives costant reminders)

  3. pictures of d dead body or pictures of themselves or pictures of the ambience or wat?
    u'll b surprised some ppl take pictures cos they r looking nice..
    others to remember d event, i guess. dunno, dats a gyd question.

  4. Makes no sense to me. Frankly, I think funerals are just too extra in this country; I mean really what is so joyous about death that it has to be celebrated so elaborately, and if its supposed to be a celebration of a great life why do it at the end of that life?

    Funeral pictures are always sad, ugly and pointless...more people should think like you.