Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Down On It!

R2Bees, 'I Dey Mad OH!' resonates from the speakers.
she took to the dance floor, her jewellery shining, her smile widening.
her enthusiasm, overwhelming.
her moves made my eyebrows inch closer to my hairline.
she was bobbing like a snake and shaking like a leaf.
as she 'went down' her arms reached for the sky and her bottom almost touched the ground!
shouts and whoops echoed from her peers, shock and disbelief evident from mine.

she has told me on many an occasion, 'the music you young people listen to today is trash, nothing like the good 'rhythms' of the old days. how can you even dance to it?'

Once she catches her breath all ask my grand-aunt the same question.


  1. Bril! KSM showed an Octogenarian dancing on his show, and all TVs were on fire! Now you had better start posting more regularly.

  2. yayy, guess who is blogging.... dis is amusing. yea u shd blog more often.

  3. @ NY and Shels - i'm looking forward to doing so!