Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too Much Love

...a loving sister told her sister, when you go to school i shall miss ya:

a tin of 'cerelac' she did buy
to wish her little sister a fitting goodbye

with hugs and smiles they did part
each loving sister playing her part

off to school the younger did go
over a terrible rough road she did go

the 'box-room' key she did entreat
to treat herself to a treat

the tin she did open
her mouth stood open

the foil in the tin was torn in half
the contents of the tin stood at half

nestled in the tin there was a letter
the younger began to read every letter

her big sister in the letter did say,
I’m sorry 'sis' don't know what to say

hope when you read this you are alright
i had to make sure the 'cerelac' was all right


  1. oh..
    well d kid sis shd look on d bright side..the tin is half full.

  2. hahaha! rotflmao! Nice one, big sister couldn't resist the temptation of the cerelac- just one spoonful, won't make a difference, and another then another...

  3. hilarious...half's still better than none.