Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alone Inside

I'm alone inside
But not for long
The crown has gathered
To hear my song

The lights are lit
The mood is set
The people await
With bated breath

The curtains are drawn
Necks are strained
Performance performed
They call my name

The lights are dimmed
The cheers have died
The people have left
I'm alone inside


  1. Everybody now and then needs to come to that place of feeeling this needful loneliness-being alone inside.
    It is where we get to know who we really are.
    It is the place for creativity.
    I loved reading this one.
    Bless, KFC.

  2. That's what we always are - alone inside.

  3. u kno, i was listening to Lucky Me-Chris Brown, yesterday and I was thinking somewhat along the same lines.
    gud one, bdw.

  4. @ posekyere - glad you liked it.

    @ NY - ...its the safest option