Friday, August 13, 2010

Me Against the World

Suggestive silence. The bane my of existence:
To look but never find. To call but never be answered.
To wonder with no destination. To ponder with no idea.

I cover my eyes from the blinding sun and I stare as far as my eyes can see:
A vast horizon. Possibilities of emptiness.
Promise of nothing. Adventure into a void.

To travel I muster courage and take that very first step:
Forward towards the past. Advancing to the back.
Pacing to regression. Heading for retreat.

I stop to think of my journey thus far, an endeavor without end:
Lost in discovery. Forgotten in remembrance.
Ignored in recognition. Grieving in happiness.


  1. Yes, man, every new journey feels that way. And this is not your first time, although this might be done a different path. It will work out.

  2. wow... i really like this. u force.

  3. ps. 'bane of my existence'..

  4. Can say that you have written it in a amazing way. Liked it.

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