Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Average Ghanaian

Who, do you consider to be an average Ghanaian?

A man with a steady job earning between 1,000 and 1,500 Ghana Cedis a month?

A man with a car which he drives on the regular?

A man who shares a two bedroom flat with a friend so that he may defray cost and save more?

A man who eats out regularly at between 6-8 Ghana Cedis a plate?

A man who if he so chooses travels internationally once a year?


A man with a part-time job earning between 150-400 Ghana Cedis a month?

A man who takes the occasional taxi but moves primarily on tro-tros (commuters)?

A man who rents a small a single room which he shares with his wife and child?

A man who always eats at home or from the 'corner caterer' for less that 2 Ghana Cedis a day?

A man who has seen neither the inside of a plane nor the 'Welcome To...' arc of a neighbouring country?


A man who does odd jobs here and there for what ever is given to him?

A man who takes the occasional trotro but primarily walks to his destinations?

A man who has a kiosk or rents a mat when the sun turns in?

A man who survives on sporadic meals?

A man who thinks of travel only as a means to take him back to the bosom of his village?

....or is there yet another man who forms the benchmark of the average Ghanaian?


  1. In my opinion, Man 2 fits the bill...

  2. None of the above.

    The average Ghanaian is a mother trying to put food on the table, keep a roof over her children's heads, and pay school fees.

  3. There is some of the average Ghanaian in each of your categories. What impresses me is how I feel that you've captured so much of the essence of the day-to-day (urban? suburban?)life in Ghana as I see it

  4. i'm more inclined to go for two..tho i must say dat i agree with Nana Yaw.

  5. @ Anon & NY - Point is well noted. It is not easy even with the use of statistics to find out who the average Ghanaian is.

  6. Love it! I agree with NY that it is on spot. Can I do the female version?