Thursday, September 24, 2009

It must be done!

i sit alone, i ponder and plot
i ponder about the things i am not
i plot on how to achieve my aims
life is much more then brilliance and brains
ingenuity is a must, cunning too
i continue to ponder on what i must now do
life is not race yet we still compete
i must run and run until i no longer feel my feet


  1. well, u need to slow down n catch ur breath tho...yeah life is much more than brilliance and brains..its not always the brilliant who survive, but the cunning and well-connected....nice piece.

  2. thanks. sometimes slowing down is not an option until you retire

  3. It is good you spend your time plotting how to achieve your aims and not other things. But life....hmmmmm. It is a race oh!!

  4. Your view of life is hard and pragmatic. It will lose you friends, some, but it will serve you well, I think.

  5. i don't have time to plot on much else Edward.

  6. Hmmm KFC.
    Don't you think we sometimes make life look like a pyrrhic warfare.
    Living yours such that you do not cause an intentional harm to others is the best option. The inescapable law of sowing and reaping eventually catches up with evry soul. That is how I see life.

  7. lol @ 'until u retire'... but i know what u mean...i've spent quite a lot of time wondering why we insist of 'racing', abi no1 wants to be left behind too.
    ... so i was listening to beyonce's 'Ave Maria' n she said 'sometimes life can come and pass you by, when you are busy making plans'. interesting perspective, no?
    @ posekyere - nicely said.