Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Black and White - Battle of the Colours

I read on 20savvy's blog about the upcoming Disney movie with black princess from new orleans and the controversy that it has caused. apparently she is supposed to kiss a frog. so?
snow white lived with seven dwarfs - (thats kinky), Goldilocks was a thief; won't even get started on Rapunzel and do take note that all wicked step-mothers have been of caucasian persuasion (i mean in Disney movies ).

personally i think that the world needs to lighten up just a little bit. there have been serious issues which have been addressed which were not appropriate. like the poster for the immigration reforms in switzerland , which shows three white sheep kicking a black sheep against a backdrop of the Swiss flag. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6980766.stm) .

there have been too many black vs white battles

i don't think that this needs to be another.

I want to add a poem i heard when i was about 9 years old. my brother read it to me. at the time i thought it was funny and i still do. increase the peace and enjoy!

Being Coloured !

Being Coloured:
When I was born...I was BLACK.
When I grew up...I was BLACK.
When I am sick...I am BLACK
When I go out in the sun...I am BLACK.
When I go out in the cold...I am BLACK.
When I die...I am BLACK.

When you are born...You are PINK.
When you grow up...You are PEACH.
When you are sick...You are GREEN.
When you go out in the cold...You are BLUE.
When you are scared... You are WHITE.
When you go out in the sun...You are RED.
When you die...You turn PURPLE.

And you have the nerve to call me "COLOURED"!

Author unknown


  1. Lol, I remember this poem. My dad read it to me when I was little! I loved the defiance I could feel in the words... Oh, and that one said, "...and you have a f#*kin' nerve..."!

  2. Oh wow, my dad said that poem to me tooo...and back then i thought he just came up with the poem, lol, not knowing its some1s poem..lol, well i didn't ask so i guess i can't say nuthn...this was right after he told me the story about how some caucasian guy asked him if we lived in trees in Africa, this was when he was in Uni in England...and he replied that well ofcourse and that when the queen came to Ghana, we gave her the highest tree! The way I laughed!

    Yeah, i also think sometimes black vs. white battles are ridiculous..there are other times though where they are warranted, but the disney movie issue,i personally feel is rubbish.

  3. Lol, after thinking a while about your post and the poem, and being worried over its undertones, I decided that it was funny, period.

  4. Kwegyirba and Shels i must say that your fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they read thier little girls this poem. im not too sure bout my brother though, like i said we just though that it was funny.

  5. NY, thats the spirit! ;) i think ill take some inspiration and disect fairy tales one of these days.

  6. :-) the poem was too excellent.. too too excellent